What are the costs for charging?
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Check out our price page for an overview.

If you charge in the Netherlands or in Germany* you pay € 0,59 per kWh.
In the UK you pay 39p/kWh.

Please note: It might be that your EV charge card provider applies an adjusted price for you. Consult the website and/or app of your EV charge card provider for pricing and conditions.

You charge regularly more than 50 kWh per month with EV Charge Holding ltd? Choose Gold Member for your vehicle!Just choose your vehicle in the EV Charge Holding ltd app and change the price plan. With this you receive the lower costs per kWh.

Want to update your price plan back to Member? Your choice will become effective per the next month. The minimum duration of the gold member price plan is 1 month.

*Due to a temporary reduction of German VAT, we lowered the price in Germany (start 1st of July).
The new prices are:

  • €0.58/kWh for Guest and Member
  • €11,69 a month/ €0.34 per kWh for Gold Members.

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