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Charging with a BMW i3

If you have a BMW i3, then you use the CCS connector. Please ensure that you insert the connector properly.

Charge speed
The charge speed is up to 50 kW at all of our chargers. In the charge curve below you can see the charge speed of the i3. On average the i3 charges 100 km of range in 20 - 25 minutes. Charging behaviour largely depends on the battery size:
  • 22 kWh edition: fast charging until 65%, charging will go slower above this
  • 33 kWh edition: fast charging until 85%, charging will go slower above this
  • 42 kWh edition: fast charging approximately until 85%, charging will go slower above this


  • If the vehicle is switched off for longer than about 5 minutes before a charge session is started, it could be that the vehicle no longer responds to the fast charger. The solution is to switch on the car briefly to 'wake up' the vehicle. After that, can you start the charge session again.
  • In case the CCS-connector remains locked in the car, unlock the car with the key. Is the CCS-connector still locked? Then wait a bit until the car releases the connector; this may take a few minutes.
  • While charging you can switch on the car without problems to make use of the climate control. 

BMW i3 without fast charge option
An i3 without fast charge option can also charge at EV Charge Holding ltd. However, it will take much longer since the charge speed is limited to 3.6 kW. This means that a full charge can take up to 6 hours.
Because of the AC-cable is quite heavy, you should support the cable a little bit while starting the charge session so the car can properly lock the AC-connector. Once the cable is locked and the car is charging, you can let go of the cable.