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Vehicles & charging tips

Charging with a Renault ZOE

If you have a Renault ZOE, then you use the AC connector. (For the newer model with CCS, please click here.)

Please ensure that you insert the connector properly. It may help to support the cable until the car locks the connector.
Charge speed of the ZOE
  • with Quickcharge option: max 43 kW, which is approximately 100 km extra range in 25 - 30 minutes 
  • without Quickcharge option: max 22 kW, which is approximately 50 km extra range in 25 - 30 minutes 
The actual charge speed requested by the car depends on the temperature of the battery and the state of charge of the battery when plugging in. When the battery is (relatively) cold charging will be slower. Above 80% the charge speed will slowly drop as well.
Via the  EV Charge Holding ltd Routeplanner you can easily find our fast charging stations and navigate to them.

  • In most cases you can also charge your ZOE with the AC connector while the CCS or CHAdeMO  connector of the same charger is already in use by another car. 
  • To be able to charge, the gearbox selector should be in the 'P' position.
  • Do you use the option for 'Delayed charging'? Then ensure this is switched off when you want to fast charge.
Locking and unlocking of the AC connector isn't always easy. That's why we have some tips you can apply.

The following Renaults cannot fast charge
  • Renault Kangoo ZE
  • Renault Fluence
  • Renault Twizy