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Charging with a Tesla Model S/X

Charge your Model S or X with the CCS-adapter

You can now charge your Tesla Model S or X much faster with the Tesla CCS-adapter.
The charge speed (with CCS-adapter) is up to 140 kW at our 150+ kW fast chargers and up to 50 kW at our other chargers. You can add 250 km of range in 20-25 minutes. 

Please note: We will not provide the CCS-adapter at our stations. You receive the adapter with the update provided by Tesla.

All Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles produced after 1st of May 2019 have the technical capability to charge with the CCS-connector with the use of a CCS-adapter.

If you have a Tesla Model S or Model X produced before the 1st of May you have the possibility to get a service retrofit by Tesla in order to take advantage of CCS (autocharge) charging via the adapter.

More information on this Tesla support page or you can contact directly your Tesla service center to improve your charge speed significantly.

What is the best way to charge if I have no CCS-adapter?

With a Tesla Model S or Model X (without the CCS-adapter) the quickest way to charge at EV Charge Holding ltd is to use the CHAdeMO-adapter. 

With this adapter you can charge up to 50 kW with the CHAdeMO connector. You can add 100 km of range in 25-30 minutes (depending on the exact model). 

You can find these adapters at some EV Charge Holding ltd stations in the Netherlands and the UK.

This is how the CHAdeMO-adapter works:

1. The adapter is placed next to the charger
2. First connect the adapter to the CHAdeMO connector at the end of the cable
3. Insert the adapter with the CHAdeMO connector attached in the car
Note: In the Netherlands and the UK you do not require your own charge cable!

If charging doesn't work at first, please unlock the adapter from the car and repeat earlier actions. 

If the adapter is in use, you can also charge using the AC-connector, but this will be slower. The charge speed with AC-charging is 11 kW (about 50 km/h) with a single-charger and 22 kW (about 100 km/h) with a duo-charger. Please ensure that you insert the connector properly.

What to do in case of problems?

Sometimes charging will not start even though everything is connected properly. The charger can display a message like "Ensure the vehicle is switched off". In that case it can help to reset the Tesla. Remove the CHAdeMO-cable and adapter first, and close the chargeport. Next, press the brake pedal to reset the vehicle. Then follow the procedure again to start charging.

If, in exceptional cases the adapter does not seem to fit your Tesla, and it looks like it is being blocked by the chargeport, first close your chargeport and lock your car. After that, unlock your car, connector in the adapter again and start charging. 

If you have an old Model S 60 kWh then you need to check if Supercharging is enabled because this feature has to be activated separately. Without this feature you can not use the adapter. 

Charging in Germany

Our stations in Germany do not have CHAdeMO adapters.
Of course you can charge at our stations with your own CHAdeMO adapter (See at "In the Netherlands" how to charge with the adapter).

If you do not have an adapter, you can order it through Tesla. If you have any further questions, please contact Tesla Customer Service (

How to find the fast charging stations of EV Charge Holding ltd?

In the EV Charge Holding ltd app you can easily see at which stations a Tesla CHAdeMO adapter is present.

Via your Tesla screen you can easily find EV Charge Holding ltd stations, by searching for ‘EV Charge Holding ltd’, possibly followed by a city name. You will then see which stations are nearby.
At the moment the EV Charge Holding ltd stations are not integrated in the Tesla navigation system. Feel free to contact Tesla directly to make this possible in the future.