About the 'Gold Member' price plan
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If you charge with us several times per month it could be interesting to become a Gold Member. As a Gold Member you only pay € 0,35/kWh at all our stations, instead of € 0,59/kWh. The Gold Member price plans costs €11,99/month.
In the UK the the Gold Member price plan costs £ 9,99/month and you pay £ 0,29/kWh.

The monthly costs and the charge sessions will be deducted from your bank account or credit card on a monthly basis.

EV Charge card not possible with Gold Member price plan
It's not possible to choose the 'Gold Member' price plan when you pay for your charge sessions via an EV charge card. The reason for this is that car leasing companies, fleet managers, but also EV charge card issuers prefer to pay per kWh. This model brings less complexity with it, and in this way prices can be shown in a transparent way.

Conditions for each car
In the settings of each of your vehicles you can select the Gold Member price plan. The minimum duration of the gold member price plan is 1 month.After the first month you can cancel your membership on every day.

Fair Use Policy

EV Charge Holding ltd reserves the right to impose restrictions to customers with excessive usage, or make special arrangements with these customers.

More information about the right of withdrawal.

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